Saturday, September 3, 2011


I refuse to define myself as 'the girl with the eating disorder' anymore. 

But if I am not that girl, who am I?

I've been so consumed with food, my body, my failures and my ED that I've forgotten about the rest of me.  And slowly, all those other things were stripped away until I my distorted body and food issues were all that existed.     

I feel like if I take away these negative labels that have taken over my mind, I am nothing but an empty shell.


It's been so long!  But I do remember there was a time when I smiled a lot.  Back when I believed in fairies and when I loved to lie on the grass in my backyard and daydream about traveling the world, writing novels and falling in love.  I guess that in a way, I'm still that girl. 

I mean, I don't believe in fairies but I am still a daydreamer and I still want to travel and write more than anything!  Can I be that happy again, I wonder?

I guess I have some figuring out to do. 

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