Friday, May 4, 2012

in the grand scheme of things...


Humans are stupid. We are broken silhouettes of crushed childhood dreams and bruised hearts. We are all messed up, and this makes us selfish, mean, spiteful. In the wake of our own inevitable destruction, our subconscious minds seem determined to create as many casualties as possible. 

So, we hurt each other in the worst possible ways. We lose ourselves in the bitter battle against evil, and in the process many are lost to friendly fire. 

We do it for money, we do it for power, we do it because we are so confused and life is hard and no one can be trusted. But what humans really need, is love. 

So, when the war rages on all around you, when too many knives are lodged in your back and you feel like you are drowning in betrayal, love anyways. Love madly and passionately. 

Love those who hurt you, because love is the only thing that will heal you. And in the grand scheme of things, what use is anger, what good will bitterness do? Holding grudges will only give you wrinkles and your ego will always let you down. 

Let go of those things, and love instead. Because love gives birth to hope, and with hope, just maybe, maybe, we will all be ok…

Sparrow xxx

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